Wear clothes that are comfortable.

If you feel good in your clothes you are going to look great.

Invest in a timeless, quality wardrobe.

It’s about quality not quantity. You can buy one or two long lasting, beautiful items for the same price you can buy a pile at one of the cheaper stores. The quality, timeless piece will last longer and look better on you so go for that.

Wear the pieces you love.

“When I’m buying clothes for the Kick Pleat customer, I ask myself  ‘Where is someone wearing that?’  I imagine which customer will actually wear it and they often do. Every garment at Kick Pleat is thoroughly considered.  I want to delight and inspire. I always go back to my three core values: quality, comfort and timelessness.”

Don’t let that special piece that you bought sit in your closet because it is too special to wear. Make it have legs in your life and put it on all the time.

Roll sleeves.

On jackets, dresses, shirts. A sleeve roll makes everything look effortless.

Pay attention to your pant leg and where it hits.

Hem the bottom to the ankle or to where is breaks on the top of your foot just once. Proportions do make an outfit so take the time to hem your pants and jeans.

On the topic of proportions, play with them boldly.

Wear a long duster, a cropped pant and a long sleeve that shows at the end of the jacket’s sleeve. Wear a long dress over a cropped pant.

Jewelry is so personal.

Put it on without thinking about it too much and wear what you love.

Makeup is all about natural.

If you wear make up make it look like you don’t. The natural version of yourself is the most beautiful (and the most effortless).

About Wendi — For over a decade, Wendi Koletar Martin has been starting a conversation about style in Texas. Her boutique Kick Pleat defines self-awareness, with one finger on the pulse of what’s relevant in the broader sartorial spectrum, one foot firmly rooted in where she is: Austin (and more recently, Houston). As a result, she’s got a true knack for creating the desert-hued, laid-back feeling particular to the geography and women around her.

Photographs by Christy Curcuru from the Kick Pleat Lookbook, Movement.